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Let her friends speak up!

Being her sister is worst yet fun. WORST? coz when she goes bitchy (mean/demanding/rude/strict/ overprotective) it'll really really really piss you off. She has irritable frankness, too tactless most of the time. She speaks her mind off regardless of how someone would feel. She's like Señorita Santibanyes when it comes to her being perfectionist, high-maintenance, finicky and fastidious. Haha! And the worst thing is, I really don't want her to go off bed sooner than me for, nevermind. HAHAHA.. And, FUN? coz when she goes adventurous, she tags me along! Her fascination with some things gives me chances of also owning those thing ^__^ . Her addiction to coffee means a treat to coffee all the time! She's also a bookworm that whatever she reads, it makes me curious and get hold of it. Plus, she's a movie junkie which makes her my personal downloader, in no sweat! Another plus, she loves to sleep, and I just love it when she's asleep. HAHAHA. Lastly, because of her, we're hotspot!

Her personality is too flashy that can make you dislike her at a first glance. But she has this something that even if you don’t do anything, you’ll end up getting along well together. She’s a nomad in stiletto, a woman of sense, intelligent but not boring, and perhaps a wolf in her past life (she has this extreme fascination of the moon). I don’t see her a lot but I feel that she’s one of my soul mates, one of the few people that I can talk to without harness. She’s a fierce sister, and a good daughter. She’s very bookish, and drinks coffee as if it’s just water. She seems like a descendant of Hashimaru from the Naruto story because she’s very strong and smart, and has no bad vibes to anyone. And that’s what I like about her the most. She has all the positivity in the world and it's contagious.

Who is Bibi Bee?? Well...she’s just a girl but she’s on FIRE!  She’s very FRIENDLY. I think she has this innate gift of making you feel comfortable having a conversation with her though it’s your first time to meet and talk. It’s not surprising that she has a lot of friends. She’s INTELLIGENT and INFORMATIVE. You’ll learn a lot from her. From the complex world of computers to simple things like clothing. I remember when she told me that I shouldn’t give my mom a dress with metallic design for it didn’t suit her personality. Well, she’s just right. For me she is like a walking World Wide Web. Bibi Bee is RESILIENT and RELIGIOUS. She always has a reason to smile. She’s so positive in everything. This girl is also connected to Church. She’s attached, committed and involved in a lot of church’s activities. It's just the best part of her. For me, she is simply EXCEPTIONAL.

Friendly. Loving. Sweet. Charming. Talented. Gorgeous. Fashionista. Brilliant. Wanderer. COFFEE ADDICT. Straightforward. Get around her and you'll know what I'm talking about.

In my eyes---
She is girl power! Aida Lyn Rules
I feel so powerful & free-spirited whenever she's around.
In my eyes----
She could be the modern ATALANTA.
I wonder who would be the lucky man?!?
Who could tame this wonderful friend of mine?
HINT TO DESERVING GUYS: Ask the help of Aphrodite. HAHA

"No man is an Island." So true! Our life is nothing if we don't have true friends and I'm so lucky to have them, especially this amazing woman I've met last 2012; because of the certain youth organization. She had touched my life unexpectedly, inspired me to be a good sister, a daughter and gave a pleasant ambiance to my stressful mind.LOL. Yes, it's a little bit funny but true. Actually before, I always dreamed of having an elder sister and instantly she came, the one who brought me back down to earth and push me back to reality. Since I knew her, I learned to appreciate even the smallest things that I just ignored before, just like the Moon - its luminosity. She just love to affirm God's creation.
"No place too far." If you have problems, need someone to talk too, well she's the answer. Just a text message, and she'll find a way. A happy person, a good listener, an adviser, a sister, a true friend who shares her precious time eventhough she has a busy life. She’ll help you work your way through the angst. Officially speaking she's an ideal junkie who loves to bring people together around good things. I can also describe her in two words, An Extraordinary and a Blessing.
Uhhmmm. Why an extraordinary? (CONFESSION) Honestly, she’s a bit intimidating at first that's why I preferred to be quiet while observing but along the way when you get to know her, you just can simply say that she's a wonderful person. She is easy to get with, capable of doing anything plus a fighter, a speaker, an optimistic, and an open book.
She is A Blessing, not just to me but to everyone and she'd definitely leave a mark to your life, that's why we love her. I guess having something in common also plays a vital role in our friendship. It helped build a good foundation, a rapport to each other, plus the time together which I really missed. The escapades, coffee break, star gazing, the laughter, sharing thoughts (chikka), taking photographs, sleeping late, the billiard and of course the Red Mirage. LOL.
More about her. She's a junkie reader. A writer. A person of faith. A singer. A dancer. Skinny Girl. Everybody's sister. A good daughter. Coffee addict. Doesn't like sweets. An organizer. Loves Italy. Dora the Explore.
Thank you so much Ate Babes for being with me through ups and down, in spite of what happen before. And I'm sorry if there were those times when you did not feel my presence. It's like am not on the track at that moment that's why I prefer to be in silent mode :) I thank God for giving a wonderful gift that I will treasure forever. Thank you so much Ate Babes and I'll always be here for you - a real friend and a sister.

Free Spirited Creature

Big GirL
10% cuteness 10% hot.
10% naughtiness with some tequila shot.
10 % sweetness 10% attitude.
10 % madness with huge magnitude
10 % elegance and 10 % calm.
20% sexyness and a whole loads of charm.
To be a powerpuff u have all the right specs.
And then professor sent me as a chemical X

si ate bibee, mora syag bubuyog.. hadlok duolan pero naay tam-is ginatagu-an.. jijiji~hadlok sya siguro kay medyu professional man gud ug dating taz hilig mag english2x.. idol!.h0o~ pero once na maka-ila nimu sya inside out, naa rajud ang katam-is sa iyang palibot..ma-pamilya man or ma-amiga.. plus, tam-is pajuwd sya mu-SMILE.. jijiji~ mao lagee~