Friday, October 24, 2014

A Change Of Heart

it was like me treated as a child, faced to the wall and endured a lifeless facade before me. shut out from the world i unceasingly loved living.

i waited. waited for you to realize i suffered enough. too bad, enough for me is a third yet compared to yours. the agony was prolonged, until one day..

you had me turned around with your warmest smile. i smiled back. you welcomed me with your eyes glistening with tears of joy. yet..

the unbearable anticipation of your hurried forgiveness made me cold. i smiled back with the thought that i was glad having me back, to you..

but, it took you so long. time changes people, indeed. and, people change people. time and you changed me. so much that i already forgot what our world was like.

i loved you for i was hurting. i missed you for your thoughts lingered with me wherever i have gone. but now, i hate the fact that someone whom i have regarded the most means nothing to me anymore.

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